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Berkeley Hughes & Associates: Fabricated Debts!

In late May of 2015, a scam operated by Cedric Clark of Concord, NC, came to an end. This was Berkeley Hughes & Associates, a collection agency accused not only of fabricating debts, but of misrepresenting themselves as law enforcement officials and attorneys.

Clark had previously operated firms called Card Processing Services and Capital Solutions Agency. Clark was raided by the FBI, and $5720 in cash was seized along with a 2006 Sea Ray 320 Sundancer Boat.

One thing is clear: despite industry protestations to the contrary, numerous debt collectors are engaged in illegal practices. Until the industry is more tightly regulated or its “leaders” step up and engage in some form of self policing, debt collectors will continue to be viewed with suspicion. In addition, rampant abuses such as those perpetrated by Berkeley Hughes & Associates argue strongly against the use of private collection agencies for the collection of public debts.