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Berkeley Hughes & Associates: Fabricated Debts!

In late May of 2015, a scam operated by Cedric Clark of Concord, NC, came to an end. This was Berkeley Hughes & Associates, a collection agency accused not only of fabricating debts, but of misrepresenting themselves as law enforcement officials and attorneys.

Clark had previously operated firms called Card Processing Services and Capital Solutions Agency. Clark was raided by the FBI, and $5720 in cash was seized along with a 2006 Sea Ray 320 Sundancer Boat.

One thing is clear: despite industry protestations to the contrary, numerous debt collectors are engaged in illegal practices. Until the industry is more tightly regulated or its “leaders” step up and engage in some form of self policing, debt collectors will continue to be viewed with suspicion. In addition, rampant abuses such as those perpetrated by Berkeley Hughes & Associates argue strongly against the use of private collection agencies for the collection of public debts.



FTC Shuts Down Kirit Patel’s Indian Call Center SCAM!

Did you get annoying calls from India, claiming to be a government agency collecting a debt? Well, the FTC shut them down!

Experian and GC Services: A Bad Combination!

Go here to learn about the bad things that happen when Experian and GC Services get together…

Maryland CLOSES LVNV and Resurgent Capital

Read details here. Good work, Maryland!


Client Services: Collecting “Withdrawn” Debts?

Watch out for collection agency, Client Services. It seems they purchased a debt from FIA Card Services, who had offered it by mistake. FIA Card services withdrew the debt, but Client Services kept trying to collect on it!


A Successul “Opt Out” From INTELIUS!

Go here for the details-confirmation and how to do it.

You need to do this NOW as Intelius is a preferred tool of collection agencies and other invaders of your privacy.

Remove Your Listing From Intelius and Zabasearch

Intelius and Zabasearch are among the leading “skip tracing” databases used by collection agencies.

Here’s some good news-for the cost of a fax (and there are free ways to send them!) you can remove yourself from these databases.

Updated information on how to do it is available here.


Did (800) 562-6420 Call You?

These calls come from Bank of America’s “pre legal department”-you can learn more about them here.

Many of these calls go to neighbors of alleged debtors, trying to get a message delivered. If you receive one of these calls, you are under no obligation whatsoever to comply with the Bank of America’s demand.


Northstar Location Services Admits Lack of Debt Validation Data!

This article contains an interesting letter from Northstar Location Services.

In it, Northstar admits that they lack sufficient information to comply with the laws on debt validation!

Learn more about debt validation-and get a sample debt validation letter here!


Mann Bracken Attorneys Regroup

Some of the attorneys formerly with Mann Bracken have formed their own law firm.

One of them, Scott Kramer was not only a principal in Mann Bracken but is also active in collections law in the Washington, DC, area.